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Wisconsin Long Term Care Costs & Insurance Quotes

As the senior citizens of Wisconsin continue to grow in number, especially members of the 65 and older age bracket, the state's cost of care accelerates at the same time. In fact, research has revealed that the average costs of care in various long term care settings in Wisconsin have far exceeded the figures on the national level.

Residents of private nursing home rooms in Wisconsin spend $93,075 annually as opposed to $81,030 nationally according to the latest long term care study which was conducted by Genworth Financial, one of the country's top long term care insurance providers.

In-home care services and assisted living facilities in the state are not getting any cheaper at all. Homemaker and home health aide services cost $20 and $21 per hour, respectively, while a one-bedroom assisted living facility says Genworth has a monthly rate of $3,700.

Below are the current costs of long term care services in key areas of Wisconsin which some of the state's residents pay out-of-pocket, some with private insurance and majority through Medicaid.

Region Homemaker Services Hourly Rate
Home Health Aide Hourly Rate
(Medicare Certified)
Assisted Living Facility Monthly Rate
(Private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Semi-private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Private room)
Appleton $19 $20 $3,898 $220 $243
Eau Claire $18 $22 $3,700 $186 $205
Fond du Lac $18 $19 $3,332 $210 $225
Green Bay $18 $21 $3,475 $218 $245
Janesville $19 $20 $3,425 $245 $268
La Crosse $19 $20 $2,639 $208 $223
Madison $23 $23 $4,000 $237 $270
Milwaukee - Waukesha - West Allis $20 $23 $3,936 $269 $294
Oshkosh - Neenah $17 $21 $3,750 $247 $262
Racine $20 $21 $3,750 $265 $295
Sheboygan $18 $18 $4,050 $245 $279
Wausau n/a n/a $3,600 $242 $275
Rest of State $19 $21 $3,360 $220 $232

Wisconsin Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

According to a 2010 study on Medicaid budget, 27.4% or $1.8 billion of Wisconsin's total Medicaid budget was used to cover the state's long term care expenses. Through the Partnership Program, which the state established on January 1, 2009, Medicaid's long term care spending may be reduced as the need for it shall be deferred.

The Wisconsin Long Term Care Partnership Program is a joint effort between the State of Wisconsin and the private insurance industry. The goal of the Program is to encourage residents to consider long term care insurance for their future health care needs and to protect their assets above the asset limit requirement of Medicaid in case they wind up applying to the said public health insurance program if their long term care needs go beyond their insurance coverage.

Features of Wisconsin Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Policy

With a Partnership certified long term care insurance policy, a qualified policyholder may protect or keep every dollar of his assets that is equivalent to every dollar that has been paid out to him in benefits.

For a long term care insurance policy to qualify for the Partnership Program status, it has to comply with the following:

Buying a Partnership qualified long term care insurance policy does not automatically guarantee eligibility for Medicaid coverage as other criteria would still apply in the Medicaid eligibility determination.

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