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Texas ranks second largest state with the most number of uninsured people so given this fact, a big percentage of the country's population receiving care is on Medicaid. According to a 2010 study on Medicaid spending, the total expenditure of Texas's Medicaid program in the said year has exceeded 27 billion dollars which is 7% of the country's overall Medicaid spending. More than 6 billion dollars of this total cost went to Long Term Care expenses specifically those that were incurred in the home care setting.

Financial experts have predicted that the state's Medicaid spending will continue to rise by billions of dollars in the next 10 years owing to the increasing population of senior Texans who will inevitably require care.

Based on the 2012 long term care study of Genworth Financial, one of the leading long term care insurance providers in the country, home health care costs in Laredo, Texas are climbing rapidly while nursing home costs in the Houston area have pushed residents beyond their budget limits.

Region Homemaker Services Hourly Rate
Home Health Aide Hourly Rate
(Medicare Certified)
Assisted Living Facility Monthly Rate
(Private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Semi-private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Private room)
Abilene $15 $15 $3,543 $118 $162
Amarillo $18 $18 $3,550 $136 $165
Austin - Round Rock $19 $19 $3,400 $156 $188
Beaumont - Port Arthur $17 $17 $3,200 $135 $169
Brownsville - Harlingen $13 $13 $2,750 $145 $194
College Station - Bryan $18 $18 $3,125 $128 $160
Corpus Christi $17 $17 $2,300 $132 $198
Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington $18 $19 $3,375 $139 $175
El Paso $13 $13 $2,225 $140 $173
Houston - Sugar Land - Baytown $18 $18 $3,175 $151 $203
Killeen - Temple - Fort Hood $17 $17 $3,550 $125 $142
Laredo $19 $20 $2,475 $131 $150
Longview $16 $16 $3,351 $114 $145
Lubbock $16 $16 $2,300 $130 $170
McAllen - Edinburg - Mission $15 $15 $3,250 $152 $216
Midland $17 $17 $4,368 $133 $220
Odessa $17 $17 $4,058 $133 $159
San Angelo $16 $16 $3,755 $150 $201
San Antonio $18 $18 $3,394 $137 $175
Sherman - Denison $17 $17 $3,425 $122 $143
Texarkana $17 $17 $1,900 $118 $155
Tyler $17 $18 $3,350 $120 $156
Victoria $17 $18 $3,275 $131 $185
Waco $15 $16 $2,845 $125 $165
Wichita Falls $15 $16 $2,865 $125 $167
Rest of State $16 $17 $2,981 $110 $140

Texas Long Term Care InsuranceLong Term Care costs vary significantly depending on the level of care needed and where you are located. Above is a table of median care costs in different settings in certain metro areas in Texas, according to Genworth Financial’s 2012 study.

Most people prefer to receive care at home. In Texas, families can expect to pay an average of $41,184 for a year of assistance from a home health aide. A home health aide provides assistance to seniors, disabled or chronically-ill individuals so that they may be able to live in their own homes.

Paying for all these services has long been a burden to many families in Texas. Many pay out-of-pocket and then apply for government assistance through Medicaid for their continued care needs once they have depleted their assets. However, the Texas Medicaid program requires an asset limit of not more than $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for couples in order to qualify.

The Texas Long Term Care Partnership Program

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The Texas Long Term Care Partnership is a joint program of the State of Texas and private insurance companies that aims to encourage Texas residents to plan for their future Long Term Care needs. The program is participated by various government agencies. The Texas Department of Insurance establishes requirements that must be met by all insurance companies who offer policies with Partnership coverage. Medicaid eligibility (including asset disregard), on the other hand, is under a case-by-case assessment by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) while asset disregard for estate recovery is determined by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Under this Partnership program, insurers may be able to market and sell policies, called Partnership policies. These policies provide an asset disregard benefit wherein policyholders can keep assets beyond the resource limit should they apply for Medicaid assistance after depleting their insurance benefits. Partnership coverage allows that every dollar paid by a Partnership policy equals a dollar of assets that will be disregarded towards eligibility to Medicaid so that policyholders do not have to spend down their assets.

Texas Partnership for Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Partnership Policy Features

A Long Term Care policy has to satisfy certain requirements in order to be regarded as a Partnership policy.

You may exchange your existing Long Term Care policy for a Partnership policy provided that the private policy was purchased on or after February 8, 2006, and if your policy satisfies the requirements of a Partnership policy.

Obtaining a Partnership Policy in Texas

The State of Texas requires all insurance companies offering Partnership policies to certify that agents have completed the training requirements. Curriculum related to licensee training must be approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. You must be a resident of the State of Texas at the time of application, with the intention to remain in Texas.

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