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New York Long Term Care Insurance Information & Statewide Costs

New York State is one of the areas with the most expensive Long Term Care facilities in the United States. According to the most recent survey conducted by Genworth, the average cost of care for a private room in a nursing home in New York is $123,005 compared to the national average of $81,030. Interestingly, the state’s cost for individual home health aides is not too far from the national average. Average annual expense for a non-Medicare certified aide in New York is $48,620 versus the national average of $43,472. Average annual expense for a Medicare certified aid is actually lower than the national average at $68,565 versus the national average of $105,751.

Of course, costs vary considerably across the state. Facility care in New York City would cost more than in other places in the state, while hourly home health aides are, on average, less expensive than in more rural areas of the state. Below are the median costs for 2012:

Region Homemaker Services Hourly Rate
Home Health Aide Hourly Rate
(Medicare Certified)
Assisted Living Facility Monthly Rate
(Private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Semi-private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Private room)
Albany - Schenectady - Troy $22 $23 $4,340 $326 $340
Binghamton $22 $23 $5,050 $296 $306
Bronx $18 $18 $2,400 $350 $375
Brooklyn $17 $17 $3,200 $375 $375
Buffalo - Niagara Falls $22 $23 $3,585 $282 $301
Elmira $19 $21 $3,914 $330 $337
Glens Falls $19 $23 $2,670 $282 $294
Ithaca $24 $24 $5,210 $260 $270
Kingston $22 $22 $3,605 $339 $359
Long Island $22 $23 $5,565 $410 $440
Manhattan $22 $22 $4,500 $445 $450
Outer New York City Area $23 $23 $5,850 $375 $400
Poughkeepsie - Newburgh - Middletown $21 $24 $3,900 $371 $396
Queens $18 $18 $3,850 $327 $358
Rochester $20 $23 $3,630 $295 $313
Staten Island $17 $18 $2,490 $350 $365
Syracuse $20 $22 $3,100 $312 $318
Utica - Rome $21 $22 $2,903 $265 $278
Rest of State $22 $23 $3,395 $278 $296
New York City Long Term Care Costs

Given the especially high cost of care in New York many people are turning to private Long Term Care insurance and taking advantage of the state's long-standing Partnership program.

New York Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

The New York State Partnership for Long Term Care is a partnership program between private insurance companies and Medicaid to finance Long Term Care of the people of the State of New York. Medicaid program under the Partnership is known as Medicaid Extended Coverage. Under the Partnership program, New Yorkers may be able to apply for Medicaid assistance without exhausting their assets and resources. Medicaid Extended Coverage allows eligible policyholders to protect all of their assets through Total Asset Protection Plan, or some, through Dollar for Dollar Asset Protection Plan. With these alternatives, New Yorkers are assured of their continued care after using up the benefits provided by their private insurance policies, without losing their life savings and their dignity.

Long Term Care Partnership Policies

All insurance companies participating in the Partnership program must include the following basic benefits in the policies that they offer:

Additional benefits may be offered by some participating insurance companies but with additional costs in policy premiums. Examples are waiver of premium (payment of premium is waived after care has started), combined home care benefit, independent provider benefit, etc.

Types of Partnership Policies in the New York Long Term Care Partnership Program

1. Total Asset 50 - minimum 3 years Nursing home care OR 6 years Home care with a minimum daily benefit of $218 for Nursing home and $109 for Home care.

2. Total Asset 100 - minimum 4 years Nursing Home care OR 4 years Home care OR 4 years Residential Care Facility. The minimum daily benefit of $218 is provided for Nursing Home and $218 for Home care.

Both Total Asset 50 and Total Asset 100 can have unlimited maximum policy duration and 100 days maximum elimination period.

3. Dollar for Dollar 50 - minimum 1.5 years Nursing home care OR 3 years Home care and maximum 2.5 years Nursing Home or 5 years Home Care. Minimum daily benefits are $218 for Nursing home and $109 for Home care.

4. Dollar for Dollar 100 - minimum 2 years Nursing Home care OR 2 years Home care OR 2 years Residential Care Facility and maximum of 2.5 years for the aforementioned care settings. The minimum daily benefit of $218 is provided for Nursing Home and $218 for Home care.

Both Dollar for Dollar 50 and Dollar for Dollar 100 Plans have 60 days elimination period.

Who Will Qualify for the Medicaid Extended Coverage?

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