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Indiana Long Term Care Costs, Insurance & Partnership Policy Information

Demand for Long Term Care services continues to increase in Indiana, and so does the cost of these services. Residents are very concerned about the rising costs of care. AARP conducted a survey in 2007 among members age 50-64 and non-members age 30-49 living in South Central Indiana and found out that 82% of the respondents believe that the State of Indiana should prioritize providing affordable Long Term Care choices for its residents.

There is a variety of choices and the costs of services likewise vary according to where you or your loved ones live. Genworth Financial, a leading insurance company, conducted a study of the median costs for Long Term Care in the State of Indiana and below are the current figures in some key areas:

Region Homemaker Services Hourly Rate
Home Health Aide Hourly Rate
(Medicare Certified)
Assisted Living Facility Monthly Rate
(Private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Semi-private room)
Nursing Home Daily Rate
(Private room)
Bloomington $18 $18 $3,433 $178 $210
Columbus $19 $18 n/a $170 $245
Elkhart-Goshen $22 $18 $4,075 $176 $229
Evansville $21 $18 $2,585 $165 $195
Fort Wayne $20 $18 $3,890 $178 $217
Indianapolis $18 $18 $3,548 $170 $200
Kokomo $22 $18 $2,635 $178 $220
Lafayette $18 $18 $4,271 $186 $239
Michigan City-La Porte $21 $18 $2,861 $198 $230
Muncie $18 $18 $3,880 $167 $202
South Bend $18 $18 $2,795 $222 $225
Terre Haute $19 $18 n/a $165 $200
Rest of State $19 $18 $4,140 $158 $183
Indiana Long Term Care Costs

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Many residents turn to Medicaid to help pay for these services. The Indiana Medicaid is a medical assistance program funded by both the federal and the State government. However, assets must not exceed $1,500 for an individual and $2,250 for married couples in order to qualify for the program. Likewise, monthly income must not exceed $690 for those applying as individuals, and $1,027 for married couples.

The Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Partnership

The Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program or ILTCP is a partnership program between the State of Indiana through the Medicaid program, and private insurance companies. Aptly called "Partnership," the program aims to help Hoosiers prepare for their future while protecting their life savings from depletion due to high costs of care.

Indiana was one of the four pilot states (other pilot states are California, New York and Connecticut) where the Long Term Care insurance (LTCI) partnership program was first developed in the 1980's to assist people who might turn to Medicaid for their Long Term Care needs after depleting their insurance benefits. In December 1991, federal approval was granted and the first ILTCP policies were marketed in May 1993. Since then, several modifications were made on the program. The more recent modifications were the expansion of the asset protection in 1998 (to include both dollar-for-dollar and total asset protection), and passing of a legislation in 1999 providing a state tax deduction for premiums of ILTCP policies starting with tax year 2000. Finally in 2006, the Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program was moved to the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Long Term Care Partnership Policy

Long Term Care insurance policies offered by insurance companies or carriers which meet the requirements set by the Partnership are called ILTCP policies or simply Partnership policies. They contain the following statement: "This policy (certificate) qualifies under the Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program for Medicaid Asset Protection. This policy (certificate) may provide benefits in excess of the asset protection provided in the Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program."

Your insurance company will send you reports on the asset protection you earned after the end of each quarter as you use your Partnership policy. After using up all your benefits, you will then receive a final Service Summary Report.

Types of Partnership Policies in Indiana

There are two types of ILTCP policies. The Comprehensive type provides coverage for nursing home care, and home and community-based care settings. The other type is the Facility-Only policy which provides coverage for care in nursing facilities only.

Based on the 2012 Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program’s first quarter report, more than 456 Partnership policies have been purchased and 431 policyholders have accessed policy benefits mostly through nursing home care. Most policyholders are married; fifty-seven percent of policyholders were women. The average age of those who purchased a Partnership policy is 60.83 and mostly chose a comprehensive type of policy (98.67%). To date, there are 45,222 ILTCP policies purchased and more than 40,921 are in force.

Obtaining a Partnership Policy

Private insurance companies must satisfy requirements set by the Indiana Department of Insurance to market high-quality, qualified Long Term Care insurance with Partnership coverage. Producers (insurance agents and brokers) must be licensed and need to undergo an 8 hour basic course on Long Term Care and a minimum of 5 hours of continuing education every 2 years. In order to sell and market Partnership policies, they are further required to undergo 7 hours of Partnership training after the basic LTC course.

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