Long Term Care

Long Term Care Plan Resources & Information

Purchasing the best long term care insurance plan can be a long process and it takes a lot of researching. That's why we have compiled all of the resources you'll need for a better understanding of Long Term Care insurance.

Save on LTC Insurance

Save on LTC

There are many great tips and tricks on how to save on your LTCi, get them here!

Types of Policies

LTCi Policy Types

Learn about the types of policies available and figure out what's right for you.

LTCi for Baby Boomers

LTC for Baby Boomers

You'll be surprised with what you may not know about long term care in our country.

Long Term Care Insurance Glossary

Find a term you don't understand or want to learn more about LTCi before you get started? Check out our Glossary and learn the most important terms for long term care.

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Researching All Elements of Long Term Care Insurance

What type of policy should I buy? How do claims work? What's an elimination period? These are all very common questions (among many others) that people researching long term care insurance have. Some people wonder, won't Medicare pay for Long Term Care? It is possible it can, But the circumstances in which Medicare will cover these costs is extremely limited. Here are some more important things to research in your search for long term care insurance:

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