Long Term Care

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Long Term Care Insurance Quotes for State University Annuitants Association (SUAA)

With our 35+ years of Long Term Care insurance experience, we'll save you time and money on your Long Term Care Insurance quote. We don't just offer one solution. We allow you to shop all of the major carriers for your LTCi quote. It's a simple process, just fill out this secure form to get started. (See more benefits and discount opportunities below)

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This program is not exclusive to one insurance carrier. Instead, alumni have access to many of the top carriers in the industry. This helps to ensure the best possible rates. We do the shopping for you and provide an apples-to-apples comparison of plans. Also, individuals with typically uninsurable health conditions (such as Multiple Sclerosis) may be able to get coverage through this program.

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Long Term Care insurance is very involved and very specific to each individual situation. It takes a Long Term Care Specialist to match you with the right options, carriers and companies. Your information will be provided only to a licensed representative of carriers offering Long Term Care insurance in your area.

Sample Long Term Care Insurance Savings Opportunities*

These savings opportunites are just another reason to shop for Long Term Care insurance with us. We can help get you the best price by offering you all eligible discounts.

*Not all discounts are eligible in all areas or by all providers.

Employee Inclusion

If you own your own business, your employees are also eligible for program's benefits (ie premium discounts). The Federal Government has also incentivized the use of Long Term Care Insurance as a benefit by allowing it to be a tax deduction and by giving employers the right to selectively administer the benefit (you can choose who gets it and who doesn't).

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When you request a Long Term Care insurance quote, you'll receive the NAIC Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance absolutely free via your email.