Long Term Care

Gender Based Pricing Coming Soon - Save By Acting Now

Gender based pricing has long been seen in the Life Insurance industry and its now about to take shape in the Long Term Care industry as well. The facts are in; women are making up 2/3 of the claims because they are living longer than men. Women act as the caregiver when their husbands need long term care but once the women needs care there is no one left to provide her the care she needs.

Gender Based Long Term Care Insurance

Once implemented, the price increase will see women's policies going up 20-40% and one of the leading writers of LTCi, Genworth Financial, has already announced their pricing change. This type of pricing will only apply to single women, not those applying together with their spouse but married women applying without their spouse will pay the individual rate. Unmarried domestic partners and same sex couples will still be able to get partner discounts through most carriers as well. Only residents of Colorado and Montana will remain unaffected as gender pricing variations are completely illegal in those states.

Get In Before Gender Based Price Increases

The good news is that by acting now, you can get in before the rate hikes go in place. If you've been considering Long Term Care Insurance to protect you from the financial burden of unexpected health events, now is the time to get more information from a LTC Specialist.

A Long Term Care Specialist can provide you with in-depth information about your specific states laws and pricing structure and give you rates from all the top carriers. Fill out the form below to request more information and your free quotes.

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