Long Term Care

Long Term Care Facilities - Costs & Accommodations

Physical and mental deterioration are only some of the inevitable effects of aging. There are even cases where in some individuals acquire or develop diseases that make them need 24-hour care services. No matter how much people want to stay at home and take care of their older loved ones, this cannot be done by many because of the demands of their current jobs.

This is where long term care facilities come in handy. They offer accommodations for people who need or want higher levels of personal care. Long term care facilities are designed to take care of individuals who demand specific kinds of personal care. These facilities also provide services that are unavailable or very difficult to maintain with home health care.

Types of Facilities:

Nursing Homes

Those who struggle with serious medical complications or disabilities are recommended to reside in nursing homes. These facilities offer long term care benefits that are comparable to hospital treatment.

Assisted Living Facilities

A nursing home is not the only option for a long term care facility. Assisted living facilities, which provide a neighborhood or community atmosphere, may suit the lifestyle of individuals who desire more independence and need only minimal assistance.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

A continuing care retirement community is the perfect choice for those who need caregiver assistance and some form of medical treatment but who also want to live independently with the companionship of other people.

Board and Care Homes

People who prefer more comfort and less people than in assisted living facilities may opt for board and care homes, also known as residential care homes.