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May 2014 Newsletter

Self Insure vs. LTCIWhile some individuals choose to buy a long term care insurance policy, some might get an advantage out of self-insurance.

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Study On Gender Ratings

We've recently released a study with summary data on Long Term Care insurance sales that indicates that marital discounts in place in the Long Term Care insurance industry act as strong proxies for gender based ratings and that gender based ratings in addition to these discounts may not produce significant improvement of carrier results.

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Long Term Care Insurance Information, Studies & Cost Data

Welcome to CompleteLongTermCare.com! We have built this website to provide you with the latest and most relevant information about Long Term Care and Long Term Care insurance. We are here to help inform and educate so you can make the best decision for you and your family when purchasing a Long Term Care insurance policy.

Within our website you will be able to find a wealth of information on everything from benefit periods to the cost of long term care in Colorado (every other state too, of course). Our website will be able to help you figure out if Long Term Care insurance is right for you and if it is - you can get a free LTCi quote from the top providers here as well.

Long Term Care Information for Your State

Just like the cultures and dialects, Long Term Care insurance varies in every state. There are different laws governing Long Term Care insurance Partnerships and the cost of care is vastly different, even within your state. You may suspect that California ranks in the top 4 for most expensive states to receive care in, but did you know that Missouri ranks 5th in the total number of nursing facility beds in the United States? Check out your state's page to see the long term care cost breakdown by city and learn a few surprising things about Long Term Care where you live.

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Who Should Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Anyone over the age of 50 that expects to retire with more than $70,000 in assets should. Long Term Care costs are extremely high. Long Term Care insurance is a key part of sound retirement planning. We feel very, very strongly about this. However, we would never say that Long Term Care insurance is right for everyone. Read more to help you better understand who should buy long term care insurance.

Every year that a person waits to buy Long Term Care insurance could cost them 10% to 12% in premiums. Therefore, the younger you are, the better off you are. In addition, typically, the younger buyer has less health concerns to deal with when it comes to getting underwritten and approved by an insurance company.